Unidesk Desktop Layering for VDI

VDI Without Compromise
Unidesk's layering technology is redefining desktop management - powerful, fully customizable desktops for end users yet simple, flexible management for IT.

Unidesk makes VDI simple, powerful, and more enjoyable
Any application can be packaged and delivered as a layer - even applications that cannot be virtualized.
Applications are delivered independent of the OS, leaving one pristine gold image to patch and update for all desktops.
Give users full customization - including user-installed apps - without blowing the storage budget or relinquishing control.
OS and app layers are shared, enabling persistent or non-persistent virtual desktops on a tiny storage footprint.


The management platform for Citrix XenDesktop® and VMware Horizon View™

Unidesk deeply integrates with both VMware Horizon View and Citrix XenDesktop.

Our patented desktop layering technology was designed from the ground up to make VDI simple to deploy and manage.

After 6 years and 800 customers, we think we've perfected desktop layering.


"Our 600-user VDI project was stuck for over a year. Unidesk has gotten us back on track."