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About Us

Managing desktops has always been a "pain in the butt" for enterprises of all sizes. A $3 billion software category called Client Management tools offered IT organizations some relief in the old world of physical PCs and laptops. But these tools aren’t a fit for the new, centralized world of virtual desktops hosted on data center servers. Plus, they only benefited IT by “locking down” the very constituents that IT needs to empower: end users.

With a game-changing invention called “layering,” Unidesk has transformed the management of Windows desktops in the cloud. By virtualizing everything above the hypervisor – Windows OS, Applications, and User – as shared, separately managed layers, we’ve made building, patching, and supporting virtual desktops unbelievably simple for IT, while maximizing flexibility and personalization for end users.

Our unique ability to accelerate virtual desktop deployments and show quantifiable ROI has caused a tribe to form around our company and our technology. Our tribe believes what we believe in.

We take our software, the success of our partners, and most importantly, the success of our customers – now 1,000 strong and growing fast – very seriously. We have some of the world’s foremost experts on desktop, storage, virtualization, and Windows technologies on the Unidesk team. They’re focused on fulfilling our mission of making Windows an easy-to-manage cloud utility.

Schedule a 1:1 deep dive session with one of our Solution Architects. Or, download our software and try it for yourself. You’ll see why only Unidesk delivers the management simplicity for IT and the uncompromised experience for end users that Windows desktop virtualization has been missing. Welcome to our tribe.


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