2014.5 Demo & Trial Hanger

Mercer University

VDI Solution Set
Project Snapshot
  • Desktops: 500 non-persistent and persistent
  • Use Cases: Labs, administrative staff, faculty, students
  • Client Access: LG All-in-One Thin Clients
  • Applications: Large diversity in applications being delivered
  • Benefits: Centralized desktop management, less traveling between campuses, improved desktop and application support
"Unidesk gives us a much simpler process for deploying virtual desktops that can be accessed from anywhere, and will reduce the time needed to install new client software and make client configuration changes. With Unidesk layers, we can package and deliver applications and custom-build desktops in minutes instead of days, and satisfy the last-minute change requests we often get from our faculty and staff."
- Shane Milam, Director of Systems and Networks, Mercer University
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