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Customer Success Stories

Medical Center

Unidesk and VMware Horizon are enabling this Texas hospital to secure and expand access to McKesson EMR and other clinical apps while simplifying management for IT.

Tennessee Tech

Unidesk is provisioning all virtual desktops and delivering over 100 different apps for Tennessee Tech's campus-wide VDI initiative, now in use by over 4,000 students.


3,000 desktops. Hundreds of apps. A mix of mobile and fixed devices. Unidesk and Citrix XenDesktop are enabling clinician mobility for one of the largest VDI projects in Canada.

California Dept. of
Water Resources

Layering was the only way DWR could efficiently package apps and manage diverse desktop configurations for this 3,000-user Unidesk and VMware Horizon View project.

State of Ohio Dept. of
Developmental Disabilities

CIO Bryant K. Young explains how Unidesk and VMware View are powering this agency's award-winning VDI deployment for 1,500 users across all use cases.


The CIO to the Help Desk explain how Unidesk's ability to deliver SPSS and other lab apps is powering this 1,000+ desktop borderless classroom initiative, hosted on Cisco UCS.

Kawasaki Motors
Manufacturing U.S.A.

Citrix XenDesktop, Tintri storage, and the Unidesk management platform help keep the good times rolling for this leading manufacturer's expanding VDI implementation.

Farmers Mutual Hail
Insurance Company

Citrix XenDesktop for VDI connectivity and Unidesk for VDI management have enabled this leading insurer to virtualize 85% of its desktops and layer all of its custom apps.

Tulare County,

Unidesk and VMware View are making virtual desktops and BYOD a reality for the proud home of the Sequoia National Park and the second leading agricultural producer in the U.S.

Bernstein Shur
Law Firm

Too many legal apps and plug-ins could not be virtualized, stalling the VDI project at one of New England's largest law firms. With Unidesk, VDI is moving ahead firm-wide.

Fresno County Office
of Education

In this webinar, learn from FCOE IT managers how to take VDI beyond pilot, get tips for ensuring production success, and see Unidesk and VMware Horizon View in action.

Hamilton County
Government, Indiana

Director of IT Chris Mertens says in dual Unidesk and VMware case studies that desktop layering was the key that enabled the county's VMware Horizon View project to scale.

U.S. Dept. of Defense
Joint Task Force North

The mission: improve desktop security and efficiency with VDI. The challenge: classified knowledge workers require unique app and desktop configs. The solution: Unidesk and VMware View.

University of
Wisconsin Oshkosh

Student interns managing VDI? System administrator Greg Duescher demos how Unidesk makes VMware View so easy, students handle app packaging and desktop break/fix.


One of California's oldest colleges is having success virtualizing over 2,000 desktops and is now reaping the efficiency, mobility and cost-saving benefits of VDI.

City of Yuma,

How is this VMware Horizon View customer provisioning 800 desktops and delivering 150 different apps, all with one gold image? Unidesk, of course.


IT Director Wayne Huling always knew patching Windows would be easier with 1 gold image. Unidesk virtual desktops accessed through Pano Logic make it possible.

University of
South Carolina

USC School of Medicine Greenville was able to fully virtualize its servers, desktops, and apps in 4 months and deploy VDI 6 months ahead of schedule. How? Unidesk!

Tarrant Regional
Water District

Persistent desktops were too costly. Non-persistent didn't meet user requirements. This Unidesk and VMware View reference architecture shows that third time's the charm.

William Woods

Network Administrator Steven Goodson says Unidesk was the key to deploying 100 desktops in 4 weeks. Tintri and Unidesk have keyed the expansion to 300 and beyond.

St. Norbert

Learn from Director of Infrastructure Services Rob Downard about how St. Norbert College successfully implemented VDI for both its students and staff.

City of

Information Systems Manager Eric Scott shares how the City of Lewiston implemented a virtual desktop environment.

Workforce Solutions
Alamo Board

Managing hundreds of PCs in remote offices was a major resource drain for Alamo Workforce Solutions. With Unidesk-powered VDI, branch office desktops are centrally managed.

University of

Director of IT Jeff Cunningham was one of the first to pair Pano Logic and Unidesk. Now, he has other departments at the university choosing this simple VDI combo.

Gateway Technical

Unvirtualizable apps and high storage costs threatened this VDI project. Hear how Unidesk has enabled hundreds of virtual desktops to be deployed, with more on the way.

City of Kent,

Maintaining custom desktops for workers who need different apps and streamlining desktop support were the goals of this Unidesk project. Mission accomplished.


Most college VDI projects start in labs. In this webinar, Colby-Sawyer explains how Unidesk enabled them to target 225 faculty and staff first - with minimal storage and IT effort.

Port Authority of
Allegheny County

550 virtual desktops on 1 gold OS layer. 70 apps layered separately. 6 GBs of storage per persistent desktop. See Unidesk and VMware View demoed live in this webinar.


Go "all in" on VDI with persistent faculty and staff desktops and non-persistent lab desktops. That's what Menlo College did with Unidesk and VMware View.

Vigo County
Government, Indiana

The two-man IT team supporting 500 users loves how Unidesk has reduced desktop break/fix from 5 hours a day to 5 minutes, giving them time back for other things.

Massachusetts Maritime

The largest state maritime academy in the U.S. uses Unidesk to create kiosk-style desktops in student common areas and deliver AutoCAD, SolidWorks, and GIS programs.


Waxahachie ISD's first attempt at VDI did not go so well. Hear what went wrong and how the IT team learned from past mistakes and is now successfully deploying over 1,500 desktops.



Egan CIO Jim Nonn explains how Unidesk VDI management software and Tegile flash-driven storage are enabling the construction firm's VMware Horizon View deployment to scale.


3D CAD apps and users across 30 offices aren't typical VDI use cases. Architectural engineering firm STV, Inc. is finding success implementing virtual desktops in its private cloud.


With only a small IT team, learn how Tipper Tie chose to virtualize their desktops to simplify management and the results they discovered.


VDI is perfect for healthcare, too! Learn how USF Health deployed VDI. Hear what worked and what didn't so your VDI deployment can be as smooth as possible.

University of
New Hampshire

Hear UNH's VDI success story. Not only does the two person IT love the change, so do the students and faculty!

Southeastern Community

Jason Strickland, Director of IT at Southeastern Community College, explains how his team deployed VDI the "right" way the first time.


The global leader in the design and manufacture of bicycles revamped their IT environment with Unidesk and VDI.

Group Health

Group Health Centre shows all healthcare organizations how VDI can be a great and painless switch.


This highly regarded business law firm has improved client service and IT efficiency with the combination of Unidesk-managed virtual desktops and VMware Horizon View.

University of

Think making the switch to virtual desktops is difficult? Hear from a Dell Tech Forum "Rock Star" how easy Unidesk and Dell Cloud Client Computing make VDI.

Medical Center

Shannon Medical is giving its doctors greater access to clinical applications, streamlining desktop management, and simplifying delivery of McKesson EMR with VDI.

Peninsula Regional
Medical Center

Unidesk makes VDI a success for doctors at Peninsula Regional Medical Center and exemplifies how other healthcare organizations can do the same.