issue when utilizing elastic layers
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Posted on December 23, 2016
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We've been doing quite a few things to troubleshoot an issue with our environment and have narrowed it down to the elastic layering feature.  We're running Horizon View 6.2.2, Unidesk 4.0.6 and Windows 7 w/SP1 x64.  Here's what's happening:

Our published images work without a problem when no elastic layers are used (so the feature is disabled or elasic layering is enabled but no app layers assigned to the user elastically).  The problem is when trying to create a new folder or shortcut (on the root of the C drive or on a network share as examples).  When we right click and select "New" then "Folder" or "Shortcut" it takes up to 15 seconds for folder or shortcut to be created.  During this time we see the explorer.exe process maxing out one core of the VDI session.  We've tried multiple apps elastically assigned and always exerience this.  When elastic layering is disabled or no elastically layers assigned we do not experience this lag.

Anyone else experience this and have thoughts of how the experience can be improved?

Posted on December 27, 2016
Gunther Anderson
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It's certainly not normal.  All we're doing is deciding when to redirect a file-open request to an attached VHD.  We don't apply a lot of overhead ourselves.  What other minifilter drivers do you have?  Run in a CMD As Administrator "fltmc" and see what othre filter drivers are there.  In Windows, "luafv" and "FileInfo" are there by default, and ours is called "unifltr."  You mention View 6.2.2: are you using View's Persona Management, or some other folder redirection or profile management system that is also trying to manage filesystem access? 

The reason it would matter whether elastic layering is enabled or not is that, without elastic layering, our software simply isn't running.  Our minifilter driver only runs when theres some possibility of additional layer disks; we disable it when you just have hte published image.

Posted on January 3, 2017
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We did some more testing and it looks to be an issue with our EPIC EMR app layer.  We're going to look into that one further.

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