Is Unidesk an AppSense alternative?

No. Unidesk eliminates the need for profile management tools in VDI by enabling you to create persistent virtual desktops on a small storage footprint - typically 60-80% smaller than a full-sized desktop. Our patent-pending desktop layering technology captures all user customizations - display settings, icons, shortcuts, and even user-installed applications and plug-ins - while enabling your service desk to instantly undo problems that users may have caused with their personalization.

But AppSense® is not a profile management tool. AppSense is a comprehensive user management solution that ensures users always receive a consistent, predictable and personalized working experience across Windows server-based computing environments, physical PCs / laptops, mobile devices, and virtual desktops. Joint customers run AppSense on Unidesk virtual desktops to give their users access to personal settings and data from any desktop regardless of delivery method, while giving IT the centralized control and user policies needed for compliance and standardization.

Read the Unidesk and AppSense partnership press release to learn more about why Citrix XenDesktop® and VMware Horizon View™ customers are using these two best-in-class management solutions together.