Which version of VMware Horizon should I buy with Unidesk?

No matter which edition of VMware Horizon 6 you choose - View Standard, Advanced, or Enterprise - Unidesk is fully compatible. But if you're just doing VDI, View Standard is likely all you'll ever need. Unidesk replaces the complex combination of Linked Clones, View Composer, Mirage, and AppVolumes (and in many cases, ThinApp and View Persona) with a single pane of glass management solution. With Unidesk, you get:

  • Simplicity to manage virtual desktops with Tier 1 IT resources.
  • Reduced risk of your VDI project failing due to complexity.
  • Flexibility to satisfy all use cases.
  • Better value through lower initial licensing costs and significantly lower annual operational costs.

Learn more about Unidesk compatibility with VMware Horizon 6 and see how some of the 800 Unidesk and VMware Horizon View customers are using us together.