Unidesk: All-In-One VDI Management Software

Unidesk® makes VDI and the complex world of managing Windows® desktops simple.

Application Delivery: Package apps in minutes - including the ones App-V and ThinApp cannot.
Image Management: Create and patch all desktops from one Windows® gold image.
User Personalization: Keep all changes - even user-installed apps.
Storage Optimization: Use 70% less capacity for persistent desktops.
Broker Integration: Access Unidesk desktops through Citrix XenDesktop® or VMware View™.

Are you like Jerry? Understand the value of Unidesk in 2 minutes.

Application Delivery - Now You're the Expert

You don't have to spend nights trying to virtualize apps. Or hire consultants to do it for you. Unidesk app delivery gives you:

Full Compatibility. Package the apps that cannot be virtualized by App-V and ThinApp.
Simple Packaging. If you have a few minutes and can run Setup, you can layer an app.
Easy Patching. Update apps once to deliver them everywhere. Even undo your mistakes.

Image Management - Be the First to Achieve One Gold

Unidesk has perfected image management for VDI. Our desktop layering is the only way to get:

One Clean Gold. Create all non-persistent and persistent desktops from a single Windows image.
Simple Patching. Install Windows updates and hot fixes once for all desktops. Undo errors with a few clicks.
Desktop Diversity. Configure desktops with different apps and settings to meet different user and department needs.

User Personalization - Become a Hero to Your Users

Unidesk is the only way to create persistent virtual desktops on a small storage footprint. Expand VDI with support for:

Desktop Customization. Keep user settings without roaming profiles or profile management.
User-Installed Apps. Preserve user-installed apps and plug-ins, even through OS patches.
Desktop Rollback. Fix broken desktops in minutes with one call to the help desk.

Storage Optimization - Make Your Budget Go Farther

Unidesk solves your VDI storage capacity and IOPS challenges. We're the only solution that gives you:

Affordable Persistence. Create PC-like persistent desktops on 70% less storage.
Storage Tiers. Optimize IOPS and cost by leveraging old and new storage resources.
Local Storage Support. Reduce costs further by hosting desktops on fast local storage.

"Zach walked into my office and said: 'this is just stupid easy.' I hadn’t heard anything like that about VDI before. We’re over 300 users now. In a few months with Unidesk, we're more than double where we were before in a year with just VMware View."

- Chris Mertens, Director of IT, Hamilton County Government of Indiana