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Unidesk: All-In-One VDI Management Software

Unidesk is Windows and Application Management Simplicity for Your Cloud.

We want you to enjoy NOT managing Windows desktops and applications.

Streamline Administration

VDI and RDSH can now be provisioned and managed with fewer IT resources or transitioned to junior IT staff, so you can spend time on other things.

Mitigate Risk

Our easy-to-use, single pane of glass solution replaces the complex tools and disciplines that have made managing remote desktops and apps so failure-prone.

Improve Agility

Provision personal virtual desktops and custom session hosts in minutes to satisfy any use case. Deliver any application with full interoperability just as fast.

Ramp to the Cloud

Use on-premise VDI and RDSH as your on-ramp to the public cloud. When you're ready, leverage our new support for Microsoft Azure to get there.

Unmatched capabilities from the leader in layering technology.

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