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Windows Application Management Software for Your Cloud

Application Management Simplicity
for Your Cloud

Windows apps are the lifeblood of your enterprise. We designed a management solution that makes delivering and updating apps on any end user computing platform astonishingly simple. So you and your users can focus on accelerating your business.

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Layering Changes Everything

Capture any Windows app as a portable virtual disk with a normal install. Deliver it hundreds, thousands of times anywhere without further installations. Update it, roll it back, or retire it just as easily. Unidesk layering is simply the best method of enterprise app delivery.

Unidesk delivers 99% app compatibility, 80% faster deployments, all on 1 gold image of Windows.

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Mobilize Your Apps

Session. VDI. On-premises. Cloud. Unidesk separates apps from infrastructure so they can go anywhere. Yet you only manage them once. It’s the hybrid app management solution that keeps all of your end user computing options open.

Offer the Best User Experience

Unidesk makes XenApp sessions and non-persistent VDI fully customizable, putting an end to tradeoffs. Your IT team gets simplicity and control. Your users get their own personal apps and settings no matter what workspace you give them.

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Simple Management, Dazzling Support

A great product is only part of the equation. Great support is just as important. Ours is legendary. We fanatically support you whether you're a full paying customer or a proof of concept tester. We’ll do whatever it takes to answer your questions and make things right.

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Benefits for All Stakeholders

IT Leadership

  • Reduce application management OpEx & CapEx up to 50%
  • Break free from vendor lock-in
  • Ramp to the cloud

"Desktop and app delivery costs are getting cut in half. We’re readying for Azure. Unidesk application layering technology is amazing."

Dion Baird, CIO, Clackamas Community College
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End Users

  • Access apps at the speed of business.
  • Enjoy a consistent, personal user experience.

"Access to our probation software and data is now right from our iPads in the field. We can process twice as many juveniles as before to help get them back on the right path."

Michelle Fischer, Office Manager, Montgomery County Juvenile Probation
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IT Administrators

  • Reduce app & image management effort up to 80%
  • Transition patches, updates, and break/fix to helpdesk and Tier 1 staff

"We’ve layered over 140 apps, most taking only a few minutes to package. We have 3,500 users on 1 gold image. Unidesk lets us apply IT resource where it’s really needed."

Mike Russell, Assistant IT Director, Shannon Medical Center
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Featured Case Studies

Citrix for the proven scale of XenApp. VMware Horizon as an extension of vSphere. Microsoft RDS for better-than-PC economics. Azure for apps in the cloud. 1,300 customers use one or more of these EUC solutions. Unidesk is their choice for application and image management.

Unidesk delivers all apps - including Epic EMR - to 3,000 doctors, nurses, and staff.

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Unidesk is the app management solution for one of the largest manufacturers in the US.

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Unidesk provides app and image management for this auto dealer’s 2,000 user hybrid VDI cloud.

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Unidesk simplifies management of 1,000 apps for this leading health system.

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