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5 Reasons Why Unidesk is Needed for VDI with Citrix XenDesktop

1. Never Worry About Applications Again

You probably have apps that won’t cooperate with XenApp or App-V. And more apps that need to play nicely with each other outside of their own sandbox. Now, you have the choice of locally installed layered applications that can share data, or isolated applications that don’t conflict. Together, Unidesk application layering, traditional application virtualization, and streaming solve all of your VDI application delivery needs.

Locally Installed Apps

Unidesk application layering works for all apps. The layering process only takes minutes, even if you’re not an application packaging expert. Layered apps act as if they are locally installed, when in reality they have been packaged once and delivered to each VM as read-only, shared VMDKs. Files, data, and registry settings are stored in the usual places, and can be seen by native Windows tools. Layered apps and plug-ins cross-communicate and share data just fine, even if they are in separate layers.

Isolated Apps

Some apps need to be isolated from each other and from Windows to avoid conflict. Microsoft App-V and Citrix XenApp are ideal for these applications. Virtualize the app with App-V or stream the app with XenApp, and then run it alongside any number of Unidesk layered apps on Unidesk-provisioned virtual desktops. The apps will run just as they do on non-layered VMs and physical PCs.

2. Control Windows Image Drift

With Unidesk, you can package any application as a read-only, shareable VMDK that can be assigned to any number of desktops. That means you can keep your Windows OS layer clean – just pure Windows. You’ll finally have one true Gold Image that can be used as the basis for all desktops, no matter how many different Citrix XenDesktop catalogs, groups, VM settings, and application combinations you have. Patching Windows and staying in compliance with the latest Microsoft hot fixes can’t get any easier.

3. Persistent or Non-Persistent? Yes!

Many organizations used Provisioning Services vDisks or Machine Creation Services to make VDI affordable, but they only work for non-persistent desktops. Persistent desktops are becoming increasingly common. Create persistent and non-persistent desktops with Unidesk – layering reduces both to similar space consumption. In either case, OS and application layers are stored once as VMDKs and shared by many desktops. Your users will love customizing their persistent desktops with user-installed apps and plug-ins. Your IT team will love one set of images to manage, the tiny storage footprint, and the quick and easy break/fix.

4. Citrix XenDesktop 7.5 Compatible

No matter which edition of Citrix XenDesktop you choose – VDI, Enterprise, or Platinum – Unidesk is fully compatible.

Citrix XenDesktop 7.5 VDI Enterprise Platinum
XenDesktop Broker Integration Provision Unidesk layered desktops directly into XenDesktop catalogs and groups for secure, high performance access through all XenDesktop clients. Unidesk uses the XenDesktop SDK, based on PowerShell, to ensure compatibility.
HDX Let Unidesk handle the back-end virtual desktop provisioning, application layering, personalization, and storage optimization. Then leverage the Citrix HDX and HDX Mobile protocols to provide a high-definition user experience on any device, over any network. With Citrix HDX and HDX Mobile, the virtual experience rivals a local PC, even when using multimedia, real-time voice and video collaboration, USB peripherals and 3D graphics. Unidesk-layered Windows apps become mobile device aware and optimized to support touch gestures and other native mobile device features. Integrated WAN optimization capabilities boost network efficiency and performance, even over challenging, high-latency networks.
HDX Mobile
Support for 16-, 32-, and 64-bit apps Provide a seamless user experience using any of four generations of Windows to let users focus on work, not juggling multiple desktops. Citrix XenDesktop and Unidesk together support 16-, 32-, and 64-bit applications running on Windows Server 2008R2, Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8.

5. Fully Supported, Fully Proven

Unidesk is a member of the Citrix Ready® program and has completed the Citrix Ready testing process to ensure full interoperability with Citrix XenDesktop®.

Citrix XenDesktop and Unidesk are ensuring VDI success for joint customers in a wide range of industries. Learn more by reading some of our case studies.

"Our sister region already had 20 Windows images for a pretty small VDI rollout because they couldn’t virtualize all of their apps. We’re bigger and have more apps, so we knew we’d end up with over 50 images. Unidesk is enabling us to scale Citrix XenDesktop with 1 image. Unidesk rocks."

Sheranga Jayasinghe, Director of IT , Sunrise Health

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