VDI Application Delivery

UnideskĀ® is the easiest and most complete way to package and deliver applications in VDI. Only application layering gives you:

Full compatibility: Deliver apps that cannot be virtualized with ThinApp, App-V, or XenApp.
Effortless packaging: If you have a few minutes and can run Setup, you can layer an app.
Easy patching: Update apps once, deliver everywhere. Even undo mistakes.

Are you like Jerry? Take 60 seconds and see.

Full Compatibility - Including Hard-to-Virtualize Apps

Unidesk enables you to layer all of your apps, so you can build custom desktops and keep your Windows gold image clean.

Core Apps. Layer your most common apps and assign them to all desktops with one click.
Departmental Apps. Bring the many apps used by just a few users under central control.
Complex Apps. System services, drivers, custom apps, and more cannot be virtualized with ThinApp or App-V. Layer them with Unidesk.

Simple Packaging - Long Days Not Required

You don't need to hire that application virtualization expert. Unidesk makes it easy to put any application in a layer.

No Preparation. We build the installation VM for you. You just name the layer and run Setup.
No Isolation. Layered apps look like they're natively installed. Rest easy knowing your apps and plug-ins can communicate.
No Failures. If the app works on your installation VM, it'll work on your desktops. No more worries about whether apps will "take."

Easy Patching - Forward and Backward

Unidesk makes app updates as easy as initial delivery. You can even undo bad patches.

Patch-Once Simplicity. Centrally update a layer, and all desktops assigned that layer get patched.
Version Control. Update applications by adding new layer versions. We keep track of them for you.
Undo. Make a patching mistake? Just go back to the previous version. Problem fixed.

"Now I can layer an app at my desk, deploy it overnight, and it's in the lab the next day. No more telling faculty they have to wait until the end of the semester. That's the beauty of Unidesk, and where we see so much time savings."

- Brent Walker, Help Desk Advanced Level Support Manager, Mercer University