VDI Image Management

Unidesk® has perfected image management in VDI. Our desktop layering is the only way to get:

One gold: Create all non-persistent and persistent desktops from a single Windows image.
Simple patching: Install Windows updates and hot fixes once for all desktops. Even undo mistakes.
Full customization: Configure desktops with different apps and offer full personalization.

Are you like Jerry? Take 60 seconds and see.

One Gold - No More Image Sprawl

With all of your apps layered separately, Unidesk lets you provision all desktops from one clean Windows image.

Persistent Desktops. Keep all user customizations. Even through patches.
Non-Persistent Desktops. Remove user customizations after each use.
Storage Savings. Share one Windows image across many desktops to reduce storage 70%.

Simple Patching - Look Forward to Patch Tuesday

Updating Windows can't get any easier. Unidesk even lets you undo bad patches.

Patch-Once Simplicity. Centrally update the OS layer. All desktops assigned that layer get patched. With no patch failures.
Version Control. Update your gold image by adding new layer versions. We keep track of them for you.
Undo. Make a patching mistake? Just go back to the previous version. Problem fixed.

Full Customization - Even With a Single Base Image

Unidesk understands all desktops are a little different. Customize them all you want, using the same gold image.

Different Apps. Layer any combination of apps on top of your single gold OS layer.
Different Settings. Specify memory, CPU, and other settings separate from your gold.
Fast Provisioning. Templates save your layer and setting combinations, so you can create new desktops in record time.

"Too many apps wouldn't virtualize, so our sister region would put them into a gold image. They were already up to 20 for a pretty small rollout. With 3,000 users, we're a lot bigger. We’d end up with well over 50 images. That’s the last thing we wanted. Unidesk was the answer."

- Sheranga Jayasinghe, Director of IT, Sunrise Health