VDI User Personalization

UnideskĀ® is the only way to create persistent virtual desktops on a small storage footprint. Accelerate VDI with support for:

Desktop Customization: Keep user settings without roaming profiles or profile management.
User-Installed Apps: Preserve user-installed apps and plug-ins, even through OS patches.
Desktop Rollback: Fix broken desktops in minutes with one call to the help desk.

Are you like Jerry? Take 60 seconds and see.

Desktop Customization - Expand VDI to More Users

Unidesk persistent desktops naturally save all user customizations. You get simplicity. Your users get desktops they love.

No Roaming Profiles. Save settings and data without roaming profiles or profile management complexity.
No I/O Storms. Only the local profile is used, so nothing to copy down at desktop login or boot-time.
No User Impact. Unidesk is invisible to end users. They just get a personalized, "Follow Me" desktop.

User-Installed Apps - Satisfy Knowledge Workers and Power Users

You don't have to package every app. Use Unidesk to empower advanced users with self-service.

User-Installed Apps. We capture them in each desktop's User layer. They stay no matter how many times you patch Windows.
Plug-Ins, Too. Google Toolbar, WebEx, Go To Meeting, and all other plug-ins also get saved.
Quotas. Lest your users get carried away, put a size limit on each User layer.

Rollback - Desktop Break/Fix Made Easy

Persistent desktops break. Unidesk lets your service desk fix them in minutes, without re-imaging or data loss.

User Snapshots. User layers are backed up at intervals you choose.
Desktop Repair. Rollback user layers to an earlier version to fix malware, viruses, or DLL conflicts.
Help Desk Role. Empower Level 1 to repair desktops, but restrict access to other Unidesk management features.

"Layering lets us preserve all preferences and persona changes - or not. Most of our 1,400 desktops are persistent. A few are non-persistent. It doesn't matter. We can deliver any of them on less than 8GB of storage, with one gold image and simple app delivery. Unidesk has been absolutely critical to us accomplishing with VDI the high level of virtualization success we achieved with our servers."

- Bryant K. Young, CIO, State of Ohio Dept. of Developmental Disabilities