VDI Storage Capacity and IO Optimization

Unidesk® is the answer to your VDI storage capacity and IOPS challenges. We're the only solution that gives you:

Affordable Persistent Desktops: Create real, PC-like desktops on 70% less storage.
Storage Tiers: Optimize IOPS and cost by leveraging old and new storage resources.
Local Storage: Reduce costs further by hosting desktops on fast local storage.

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Affordable Persistent Desktops - Yes, It's Possible

Persistent desktops are what you really want for VDI. But they've always been too expensive. Until Unidesk.

Less Storage. Create persistent desktops on 70% less capacity (we do non-persistent, too).
Less Complexity. No need for VMware Linked Clones or Citrix Provisioning Server. Persistent desktops don't require profile or persona management, either.
Less Cost. Our Storage Report shows how much you'll save compared to regular 1:1 desktops.

Storage Tiers - Maximize IOPS, Minimize Costs

All desktop storage isn't created equal. Unidesk tiers let you use your old SAN for "junk," and your new storage for what really matters.

Boot Tier. Reuse your existing SAN for page files, VSwap, and other transient components.
Layers Tier. Store your User, Application, and OS layers on hybrid, SSD, or flash storage for max IOPS.
Archive Tier. Backup User layers for desktop repair and recovery on low cost, high capacity storage.

Local Storage - For Low-Cost VDI or Quick Pilots

If you don't want to bother the storage guys for your VDI POC, or you're on a tight budget, Unidesk can help.

Local Storage Support. Create desktops on any storage supported by VMware - including local.
Auto-Backup. Set policies for backing up user layers in case of local storage or host failure.
Auto-Recovery. Restore desktops to another virtual appliance from centrally stored OS and App layers and backed up User layers.

Learn More

Unidesk Solution Brief -
Storage Optimization for VDI
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Dell Technical Report:
Overcoming the Storage Challenges
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Dell EqualLogic Hybrid Arrays
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