The Essential Management Solution for VMware Horizon View

VMware Horizon View alone is ok for basic desktops that are all the same. For anything else, you need Unidesk.

Powerful: App flexibility. One gold image. Full persistence. Less storage.
Simple: One iPad-like console instead of five separate point tools.
Integrated: vSphere, vCenter, and View integration for fast, easy setup and deployment.

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The Power to Manage Desktop and App Diversity

Desktops are unique. Only Unidesk gives you:

App Flexibility. Layer apps in minutes, even those you can't ThinApp.
One Gold. Avoid image sprawl common with View Composer.
Full Persistence. Keep the user-installed apps View Persona cannot, and end profile IO storms.
Less Storage. Create persistent or non-persistent desktops on less storage than Linked Clones.
Available Now. Not a Mirage.

The Simplicity to Enjoy More Life

Managing Windows is hard enough on PCs. Don't make it harder in VDI.

One Solution. Unidesk replaces View Composer, ThinApp, Persona, and Linked Clones with one easier to use, more complete solution.
Layers. Unidesk creates desktops from any number and combination of OS and App layers.
Same Broker. Connect to Unidesk desktops as usual through View to leverage PCoIP and other great brokering features.

The Integration You Can Rely On

A VMware TAP partner, Unidesk expands View use cases and accelerates deployment.

API Integration. Unidesk uses View PowerCLI cmdlets and vCenter APIs for deep compatibility.
Interoperability. Unidesk creates layered desktops on vSphere and adds them directly into View pools.
Proven Track Record. Hundreds of View customers rely on Unidesk for provisioning and management.

Learn More

Unidesk Solution Brief -
Unidesk and VMware View
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VMware Case Study:
Unidesk and VMware View
Power 1,200 Desktop Deployment
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