Unidesk - Application Packaging and Lifecycle Management for the Digital Workspace

The leading application packaging and lifecycle management solution for the digital workspace.

Revolutionizing Application Management

Our patented application layering technology "containerizes" desktop apps as virtual disks for error-free, install-free delivery to end users and package-once, update-once efficiency for IT. Unidesk is #1 across the board:

#1 in
App Compatibility

Only solution that can virtualize all Windows apps right out of the box with one ordinary install.

#1 in
Real-Time App Delivery

Only solution that delivers individual apps at user login for both Citrix XenApp and VDI.

#1 in
App Portability

Only solution that delivers the same app layer to all hypervisors and clouds without repackaging.

#1 in

Only solution that snaps into existing provisioning, end user computing, and cloud platforms.

#1 in
Image Management

Only solution that gets you down to one Windows gold to manage across all of your desktops.

Transforming the Economics of Workspace Delivery

Reduce CapEx Up to 50%

Extend Citrix XenApp or VDI to all users for a fraction of the cost of buying new PCs.

Accelerate Cloud

Move desktop apps and DR to the cloud with one click to eliminate cost of on-premises infrastructure.

Reduce OpEx Up to 80%

Radically reduce app packaging, image management, and break/fix times and transition all 3 to Tier 1 IT and helpdesk.

Seamless Integration Into Existing Infrastructure

We realize introducing new solutions can be risky. That’s why we designed Unidesk to integrate seamlessly into any digital Windows workspace on-premises, while also giving you an easy path to the cloud. Featured integrations:

Trusted & Loved by More Than 1,400 Customers

Founded in 2008, we’ve spent the last 8 years perfecting application layering. Our enterprise platform has delivered more than a quarter million apps, and is loved by customers of all sizes in all industries.

It's time to rethink your app and image management strategy. Learn Why Unidesk is the answer.

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