About Unidesk

About Us

More than 750 million business users rely on Windows apps to get work done. IT organizations must provide access to these apps through an evolving mix of cloud and data center platforms. Unidesk makes managing apps across all of these platforms easy for IT. We are the management platform for Windows app mobility.


Unidesk Layering


Unidesk is the inventor of the groundbreaking Windows application delivery technology called layering. Layering has emerged as the best way to separate apps from infrastructure such that they can be managed once and delivered from any end user computing platform to any device.


Business Agility and IT Efficiency


Unidesk layering makes Windows application and image management dramatically easier and faster. Our average customer experiences a 10X improvement in how fast they can package applications, is able to virtualize 99+% of their apps, and has only 1 Windows operating system to patch.


Windows App Mobility at Half the Cost


Unidesk, together with our partner Microsoft, gives customers the option of deploying virtual desktops and remote apps for far less than purchasing new PCs or using traditional VDI technology. By extending native Windows Server capabilities, Unidesk offers a better experience for users and simpler management for IT, at half the cost.


All Apps. Any Cloud. Managed Once.


Virtual desktops on-premises with Citrix XenDesktop, Microsoft VDI, or VMware Horizon. Published apps with Citrix XenApp or Microsoft RDSH. Remote apps in the cloud with Azure. Unidesk supports where you are today and gives you the flexibility to move in any direction tomorrow.

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