Unidesk 3.0 Industry Support - Solution Partners

Unidesk 3.0 Industry Support - Solution Partners

  • KIS, California

    "As one of Unidesk’s first solution partners, we have enjoyed watching the company grow and broaden its offerings. Our VMware Horizon customers have thousands of desktop and applications under management with Unidesk and they love the solution for the simplicity and flexibility it brings to VDI. We’re looking forward to the expanded market opportunity that Unidesk support for Hyper-V affords our business."

    Sean Canevaro
    CIO, KIS

  • Proact, United Kingdom

    "Despite the great VDI user experience available when you combine Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 with Hyper-V, Microsoft hasn’t quite been considered on par with Citrix and VMware. But add Unidesk to the equation, with its awesome layering capabilities that simplify management of virtual desktops and applications, and the future looks bright for Microsoft VDI."

    Gareth Rees
    EUC Lead Consultant, Proact

  • Salvix IT, Italy

    "We have tested Unidesk's desktop layering technology on our VDI services platform and are impressed at how efficient and fast it is in delivering desktops with Hyper-V and RDS. I'm sure we will cut desktop and application delivery times on our Microsoft-based DaaS services."

    Antonio Giannetto
    CTO, Salvix IT

  • UltraLevel, Great Lakes Region

    "Unidesk is a key part of our portfolio and has helped many of our customers overcome the complexity and application delivery challenges that have held VDI back. Unidesk’s layering technology is rock solid, and is proven to bring much-needed simplicity and flexibility to desktop virtualization. There’s no doubt that Unidesk makes the Hyper-V platform with Microsoft RDS and Dell vWorkspace compelling, giving our customers powerful new alternatives to consider."

    Michael Butz
    President and CEO, UltraLevel

  • Sogeti, Netherlands

    "Our solution architects downloaded and installed the Tech Preview of Unidesk 3.0 in multiple labs and everything went without issue. The technical documentation, training videos, and the software itself were excellent. As a Microsoft Gold Partner and 2014 Microsoft Partner of the Year for Desktop Devices and Deployment, we are already engaging with customers to deploy Unidesk with Microsoft VDI. We know it will be a huge success."

    Ronald Bakker
    Senior Technical Consultant, Sogeti

  • Sequel Data Systems, Texas

    "I have deployed Unidesk at two different jobs. I now work at an IT integrator that specializes in VDI deployments. Unidesk fits into every opportunity with its ability to reduce virtual desktop and application management complexity. Unidesk 3.0 will enable our customers who have chosen Microsoft as their virtualization platform to be successful with VDI."

    David Dunaway
    Solution Architect, Sequel Data Systems

  • PROFI Engineering Systems AG, Germany

    "Unidesk on Hyper-V creates a simple and easy to use VDI solution. Our engineers tested Unidesk with Hyper-V on a Nutanix appliance - it was really awesome to see the simplicity and flexibility. The combination of both solutions gives customers a cost-efficient way to start with VDI projects. You can simply scale out and add more desktops as you need to."

    Roland Dressler
    Virtualization Consultant, PROFI Engineering Systems AG

  • Captiva, Washington D.C.

    "Support of Microsoft Windows Server and Hyper-V allows a whole new set of federal government and corporate organizations to take advantage of Unidesk’s unique layering technology. They will be able to better serve their end users, simplify VDI management, and achieve cost reductions."

    Bob Rook
    President and CEO, Captiva

  • EssentialNET, United Kingdom

    "EssentialNET believes it is a thought leader in bringing the world’s best technology to the UK, and Unidesk very much fits this mould – it is by far the best technology we have seen in the VDI arena for a very long time. Our customers agree with us wholeheartedly on this fact. Adding Hyper-V support to the solution keeps Unidesk in the forefront for VDI deployments."

    Kevin Penn
    Managing Director, EssentialNET

  • NUGENSIS, Scotland

    "Working with Unidesk has given us a real differentiator with our clients whose biggest challenge is often application packaging, deployment and update management. This was preventing them migrating from legacy Windows XP environments to VDI. Unidesk’s layering technology addresses these concerns instantly. Our customers are able to quickly migrate through their list of un-packagable apps, deploying most in less than an hour compared to several days or not at all."

    Iain Edgar
    Sales Director, NUGENSIS

  • SysTech IT Solutions, United Kingdom

    "We are very impressed with the product so far. Unidesk 3.0 has the answer to 99.5% of customers’ challenges when it comes to management of Microsoft VDI. I know it will be a massive success. We already have a number of clients who are keen to run a POC."

    Ryan Mangan
    Managing Director, vExpert, SysTech IT Solutions

  • Movetech, Germany

    "Unidesk enables customers to cut the Gordian Knot of VDI complexity. It is the solution that makes the management and deployment of desktops and apps as easy as pie. Unidesk has impressed us since the first time we saw it in action. With Unidesk supporting Hyper-V, we now have a platform that simplifies management of desktops with Microsoft VDI. It will be a huge success."

    Gordon Kirstein
    Owner and Managing Director, Movetech

  • SAIV, Italy

    "Unidesk is a cornerstone solution of our VDI service portfolio. With Unidesk we can deliver desktops across multiple platforms, supporting our agnostic vision. Layering can help our customers really improve the manageability of virtual desktop infrastructure, while better meeting the needs of their business processes."

    Fabio Zambon
    Data Center and Design Team Manager, SAIV

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