Unidesk Brand and Trademark Specs

Unidesk Brand and Trademark Specs



Unidesk is the leader in application management software for the hybrid enterprise. With Unidesk layering technology, IT organizations manage Windows applications once across end user computing environments, hypervisors, and clouds, without the cost and complexity of traditional application packaging and image management disciplines. Unidesk application management software supports leading cloud platforms including Windows Server 2012 with Hyper-V, Microsoft Azure and VMware vSphere; and integrates with leading end user computing solutions including Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop, Microsoft VDI/RemoteApp and VMware Horizon. Unidesk is a privately held company headquartered in Marlborough, Mass., with 1,400 customers and solution partners around the world. For more information, visit www.unidesk.com.

Unidesk Composite Virtualization®

Patented file system and registry virtualization technology that merges operating system, application, and persistent virtual disks together for the purposes of making Windows applications easy to manage.

Unidesk Layered Image

A standard virtual machine image that has been created by Unidesk Composite Virtualization layering technology. IT administrators assign reusable Windows OS and application layers in any order or combination to generate Layered Images, which can then be delivered to any datacenter or cloud platform through existing provisioning systems or manual operations. No matter how many Layered Images are created, Windows operating systems and applications only need to be provisioned and patched once.

Unidesk Elastic Layering

Technology that attaches Unidesk virtual disk layers at logon to virtual machines based on directory entitlements for the purpose of personalizing Windows workspaces with custom applications and user settings.

Unidesk Session Containers

Technology that enables remote desktop session host (RDSH) solutions such as Citrix XenApp to offer every user a unique, personal user experience. Session Containers isolate each user's session so that Unidesk Elastic Layering can dynamically deliver custom applications and persistent personalization without affecting other user sessions. The net effect is to give RDSH users a persistent VDI-like user experience.



Brand Assets


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Unidesk brand graphics should only be used as supplied in the link above. Appropriate ™ and/or ® symbols should always be included. Graphics should only be scaled proportinately; color, proprotion, content should never be altered.


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Unidesk Red
PMS 200C | #b71234 | R183 G18 B52 | C3 M100 Y66 K12

PMS Pro Black | #000000 | R30 G30 B30 | C0 M0 Y0 K100

Visio & PowerPoint Graphic Library

A set of PNG and SVG graphics for use in Visio, PowerPoint, MS Word, or just about anything. Use these to create marketing materials, presentations, network diagrams, and birth announcements. Well, maybe not birth announcements.

Click here to download Unidesk Visio & PowerPoint Graphic Library (8 MB)