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Posted on December 10, 2016
Edited by witti on December 10, 2016
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Hi there !

I have testet Unidesk 4 and I am very happy about the development so far.

However, there is one important feature missing, that keeps us from migrating to the new version.

We have multiple independent sites and I would like to use a single share on every site for the elastic layering feature. The shares need to synchronize the layers across the sites automatically of course.

Using elastic layering via WAN will not work for us, due to limited bandwidth availability.

And last but not least, I would prefer to have an appliance storing the elastic layers rather than a windows share that needs to be licensed and patched.

Are there any plans on the roadmap for this ?




Posted on December 10, 2016
Chris Midgley
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Hi - and thanks for the feedback!  And yes - we are working now on adding built-in features for handling multiple storage locations for the layers.  The first part of this is coming in the "Labs" part of our release later this month (though it will at first be part of our new User Layer feature, but support for the other layers will be added as well in later releases).  Having said that, you can actually support different file servers today.  There is a registry key that is used to determine where to locate those shares and simply by adjusting that key - in the Layered Image after it is built but before the desktops/session hosts are deployed - will let you change which server the silo/pool/collection will access for those layers.  I personally don't recall the key, but I'm sure others here at Unidesk can chime in with more details on how to make this work!

As for an appliance for the storage, we have no plans to create an appliance but we support most any appliance out there.  So you can manage your own Windows Server (which some customers that have an Enterprise Agreement with Microsoft get for free), or you are welcome to select any third party storage appliance instead.  Just make sure it is a high performance platform that can deliver the IOPS you need for your users - which usually means SSD storage and 10gb fabric.

Posted on December 27, 2016
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Looks like the "RepositoryPath" key is located in:

HKLM -> SOFTWARE -> Unidesk -> ULayer

That's good to know since we're struggling on how to deal with this scenario as well.  We'll probably try setting this within Group Policy so we can stay more hands off when deploying the VDI environment in our DR site.

Posted on December 12, 2016
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I have a basic question: If i deploy a desktop using Unidesk V2 and V4, will the performance be the same? Let's assume everything works fine and I am no unidesk features (no rebic, no elastic, etc...).  Otherwise, I would like to know if Unidesk is still involved after the image or disk is mounted to the virtual desktop.


Posted on December 12, 2016
Gunther Anderson
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If you do not enable elastic layers, then the Unidesk drivers are not active on your published image.  Our Unidesk Service is still running and not doing anything, but we are not intercepting file-open calls.  Even when Unidesk is actively filtering file-open calls, the performance should be practically identical to a non-Unidesk machine unless you have something unusual going on.  (Unusual like a filter driver that doesn't like ours, or a program that constantly issues hundreds of thousands of file-open calls.)

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