Enhancing Care Provider Productivity and IT Efficiency in Healthcare

Solution Overview

Imprivata and Unidesk are partnering to modernize clinical workflows and desktop management for healthcare organizations of all sizes. The combination of Imprivata OneSign for secure access and authentication and Unidesk for efficient Imageless Management™ and easy application delivery are helping to ensure the success of desktop virtualization initiatives with Citrix XenDesktop, VMware Horizon, and Microsoft VDI on Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware vSphere.

Joint Value

Imprivata and Unidesk are the perfect pairing for healthcare VDI. Imprivata streamlines front-end access to virtual desktops for care providers, while Unidesk streamlines back-end provisioning and management of desktops and applications for IT.

Imprivata OneSign authentication and access management software:

  • Provides single sign on to all clinical systems, saving clinicians 15+ minutes per day.
  • Improves provider productivity with No Click Access® to desktops through the touch of a badge or swipe of a finger.
  • Enables compliance with HIPAA, HITECH and other regulations for strong authentication.

Unidesk virtual desktop and application management software:

  • Enables everyone in IT to deliver clinical applications, including EMR and Imprivata OneSign itself, to thousands of VMs as read-only virtual disks. This layering innovation overcomes the challenges with traditional application virtualization by providing simpler packaging, greater compatibility, and full interoperability.
  • Replaces image sprawl with efficient Imageless Management - all VMs built from the same Windows OS layer that only needs to be patched once.
  • Provisions non-persistent pooled desktops and persistent "follow-me" desktops from the same storage-efficient layers to satisfy all use cases.


"Imprivata and Unidesk deliver a powerful combination of solutions to help healthcare organizations implement and scale desktop virtualization and give providers access to patient information and clinical applications at the point of care. Imprivata OneSign® delivers fast, secure No Click Access™ to virtual desktops to streamline clinical workflow on the front end, while Unidesk layering technology simplifies application delivery and ensures a personal, consistent desktop experience on the back end. We look forward to continuing to work with Unidesk to bring increased productivity, improved security, and reduced IT costs to healthcare organizations."

Geoff Hogan
Senior Vice President, Corporate Business Development, Imprivata

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