RES Software

RES Software

RES Software and Unidesk Partner for Best in Class UEM and Application Lifecycle Management

Solution Overview

RES Software and Unidesk are partnering to help IT organizations deliver the right Windows user experience and the right Windows applications to the right users, independent of virtualization or cloud platform.

Whether you're deploying published desktops and applications using Citrix XenApp or Microsoft RDSH or virtual desktops using Citrix XenDesktop, Microsoft VDI, or VMware Horizon, your IT costs will be lower and your users' productivity will be higher with these two leading solutions for user environment management and application lifecycle management.

Joint Value

RES Software is the global leader in User Environment Management (UEM) including endpoint management, policy-driven access, security, compliance, and automated IT services.

Unidesk is the global leader in application packaging and lifecycle management for modern Windows workspaces. Unidesk separates applications from infrastructure, enabling them to be packaged once and delivered to any hypervisor, end user computing platform, or cloud.

Together, RES Software and Unidesk ensure that Windows applications and desktops meet the often conflicting needs of end users, IT operations, information security, and compliance.

Customer Benefits

Customers use RES Software and Unidesk together to improve end user computing service delivery, reduce IT costs, tighten security, and ensure compliance.

With RES Software, you can:

  • Streamline endpoint management with dynamic, automated workspace configurations personalized for each worker
  • Enable IT to proactively deliver and revoke access and services through policy-driven workflows
  • Allow IT to protect the business with powerful and context-aware security and compliance controls
  • Use automated IT services to empower the workforce through self-service and automated delivery of apps and services to each person’s secure digital workspace

With Unidesk, you can:

  • Virtualize all Windows desktop applications so they are managed only once across all virtualization and cloud platforms.
  • Deliver apps in real-time at login to virtual desktops or Citrix XenApp sessions based on Active Directory user or group membership.
  • Eliminate image sprawl so you're only ever patching Windows once.
  • Rollback application updates and user personalization to remediate common break/fix issues.
  • Transition application and image management to helpdesk and tier 1 IT staff to free up senior IT resources.