Delivering insanely simple VDI

About Workspot

Workspot is the next generation VDI solution built for the cloud and modern data center. Workspot eliminates the complex combination of servers, databases, portals, brokers, gateways and load balancers that require a squad of VDI specialists to install, manage, and patch.

Workspot simplifies VDI by moving complex operational components into the cloud. The benefit of its design is that the cloud automates VDI’s specialized technology components, resulting in peak operational performance and minimizing the amount of management needed by IT. Thanks to its use of the cloud, Workspot's VDI 2.0 architecture can be deployed in a single day and can scale instantly to add more users, hosts, or locations.

Insanely Simply Desktop and Application Virtualization

By leveraging Unidesk's cloud-ready application and image management solution with Workspot's cloud-first VDI solution, customers achieve end-to-end simplicity and scale in days, at a fraction of the cost and resources of traditional application and desktop virtualization models.

Insanely simple desktop virtualization with Workspot. Insanely simple application virtualization with Unidesk.