Business Impact


IT loves Unidesk because it makes life easier. Users love Unidesk for giving them the apps and personalization they need. But CFOs love Unidesk for the cost savings and 6 month average payback. Let us help you prove this last part. Review how other customers have made their business case for Unidesk.

Optimize App Packaging

Legacy PC management tools require hours of MSI packaging per app. Application virtualization can take days to work around app compatibility and isolation issues. Unidesk requires an average of 30 minutes to package an app – just a normal install. For 100 apps updated an average of 3 times a year, that's more than 1,000 hours saved. If you pay a packaging consultant $100/hour, you can save $100,000 annually.

Canadian health system cuts app packaging time to minutes.
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Eliminate Image Management

How many images do you manage in your VDI or XenApp environment? With Unidesk, you’ll only manage Windows and apps once. If today you’re patching 35 images every month, each image takes 3 hours to prep, test, and deploy, and your admin makes $50/hour, Unidesk can save you $63,000 every year. That's a lot of IT horsepower you could use on other projects.

Global law firm: 140 apps & 1,400 users on 1 Windows image.
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Minimize Productivity Losses

Have you ever calculated how much user downtime costs your organization? Even the best and fastest IT teams lose too much time combating unexpected side effects due to patches and updates. This translates directly into lost productivity for your users. Avoid a costly outage with Unidesk. Our layering technology breaks new ground in break/fix speed.

Medical center avoids downtime with patch "undo."
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Get Your PC Refresh Budget Back

You may already rely on Citrix XenApp to deliver business-critical apps. You probably have your first users on VDI. So stop installing all of your personal and departmental apps locally on PCs. Use Unidesk to extend XenApp to all users or expand VDI use cases. By leveraging your existing infrastructure, you can break the expensive PC refresh cycle and save your organization a boatload in capital spend.

U.S. hospital to save $3.6M by extending XenApp with Unidesk.
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Recover PC Management Licenses

Agent-based PC management tools cause all kinds of problems in virtual infrastructures. Plus they won't help you in the cloud. By moving more of your PC users to VDI, XenApp, or the cloud with Unidesk, you can stop paying maintenance on these tools. For a 5,000 user deployment, that can mean a capital budget savings of $75,000 per year.

Agent-based management systems in XenApp/RDSH and VDI environments: an architect’s thoughts.
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Reduce VDI Storage Costs

Deploying VDI with full clone desktops is expensive. And completely unnecessary. By sharing the same virtual disk layers of Windows and all applications across many virtual desktops, Unidesk can save you up to $1 million in storage costs alone (based on a 2,000 user deployment). Your other IT workloads would love some of that extra flash storage.

Diagnostic testing lab cuts VDI storage use from 30 TB to 500 GB.
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Use a Lower-Cost Hypervisor

Hypervisors have become a commodity. All of them now provide the features needed to support end user computing workloads. Enterprises are now switching to the lowest-cost alternatives to save money. The best way to keep your hypervisor options open is to ensure application package and image portability. The only solution that offers this "package-once, delivery-anywhere" flexibility is Unidesk.

Auto dealer switches VDI to Hyper-V to reduce costs.
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