Features & Benefits

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Features & Benefits

Virtual Disk "Layers"

Separate Apps from Infrastructure

The road to Windows app manageability and portability starts with a standard install. Unidesk captures every app ’s files and registry keys as a read-only virtual disk “layer.” When a layer is assigned to a virtual machine on any cloud or datacenter platform, Unidesk attaches the VMDK or VHD representing the layer to the VM, delivering the app as if it was locally installed.

Out of Band Layering

Leave No App Behind

How do you deliver apps that start before your app delivery technology is even running? You could put them in the gold image. But then you’ll just end up with more image sprawl.

Unidesk has a better answer: Out-of-Band Layering. By running outside of the Windows guest and starting at the millisecond Windows boots, Unidesk can deliver Windows desktop and server operating systems, apps with OS dependencies, early-start services, and boot-time drivers as layers. That’s why Unidesk is compatible with 99%+ of all Windows apps - more than any other technology.

Cross-Layer Merge

We Work Harder, So You Don’t Have To

Other technologies require you to sequence apps or group them together to ensure interoperability. This increases packaging complexity and app delivery overhead. And forces you to update duplicate packages. You’ve got better things to do with your time.

Go ahead and layer all of your apps separately. Assign them in any order or combination. Unidesk Cross Layer Merge™ technology ensures your apps will interoperate the same as if they were natively installed. Plug-ins, .NET apps, drivers - they all work. We blend the file system and resolve conflicts with Windows components such as the registry and Driver Store to keep packaging simple and provide the user experience that’s expected.

Persistent Layers

Enabling the Personalized Workspace

No matter what type of workspace you deliver - virtual desktops or shared sessions - end users won’t be happy with anything less than full personalization. That’s why our layering technology goes beyond apps to make you look like a hero.

Our writable persistent layer saves all of your users’ profile settings, user-installed apps, and plug-ins. By providing a consistent user experience every time your users login, you’ll boost productivity. Not to mention IT’s status.

Elastic Layering™

Real-Time Application Delivery

Unidesk Elastic Layering dynamically attaches apps and personalization at logon to pooled non-persistent desktops and remote desktop session host (RDSH) sessions based on user policy. Both resource-efficient desktop types, which can be shared by many users, will the same look and feel as resource-intensive persistent desktops, which require a dedicated machine for every user.


Elastic Layers are ideal for delivering apps without the downtime of rebooting session hosts or virtual desktops. They’re also a great way to conserve datacenter resources by allowing shared sessions and non-persistent VDI to be personalized.

Session Containers™

Making Shared Sessions Personal

One reason VDI is sometimes chosen over traditional Server Based Computing (SBC) is to give every user a personal desktop experience. Unidesk leverages container technology to give SBC users their own unique apps and personalized workspaces within a shared Citrix XenApp or Microsoft RemoteApp/RDSH session.

Unidesk Session Containers enable Elastic Layers to be dynamically attached at logon and run isolated from other user sessions. User-installed apps and profile settings will also persist between logons. For the first time, SBC can offer the same personal user experience as physical PCs or persistent VDI, with greater resource efficiency.

Lifecycle Management

From Delivery to Retirement

It’s not only about delivering apps. It’s also about undoing that last Windows hot fix that affected the 40 users in Accounting. And reversing the update to the EMR system that took down the hospital’s patient check-in kiosks. And knowing how many licenses of your speech dictation software have been allocated.

Unidesk provides the lifecycle management capabilities that make it easy to manage your Windows apps from deployment to retirement and everything in between. Back-patching the OS and reverting apps to their previous versions to avoid costly downtime is now just a few clicks away.