Unidesk Application Management for Healthcare

Unidesk Application Management for Healthcare

Unidesk is the package-once, deliver-anywhere app management solution for modern Windows workspaces, bringing new levels of mobility to care providers and new levels of efficiency to IT.

Benefits for All Stakeholders

Care providers save minutes a day with fast, mobile access to clinical and non-clinical applications and personalized Windows workspaces. Physicians and staff resume working where they left off from any BYOD or client device.

IT has only 1 Windows image to patch in VDI, Citrix XenApp/RDSH, and cloud environments and delivers apps 80% faster. Application and image management are transitioned to help desk and Tier 1 IT resources to free up senior IT staff.

Leadership ensures successful EMR adoption, meets Meaningful Use goals, ensures HIPAA compliance, and gains an easy path to the cloud.

A Better Way to Manage Epic and Other EMR Applications

EMR is the most critical app in healthcare. Unidesk is compatible with all of them. Here are the technical reasons why layering is better than traditional application virtualization technologies for delivering EMR.

  • Simple app packaging. Many EMR vendors are wary of application delivery technologies that reverse engineer or hack the standard installation procedure. With Unidesk, you install EMR one time as you would on a regular desktop. All files, directories, and registry keys are captured as a virtual disk “layer” that can be assigned to any number of virtual machines. The layer can now be assigned to any number of virtual machines or sessions without ever having to install the app again.
  • Looks like a local install. Unlike app virtualization technologies that use process isolation technology to hide apps from Windows, Unidesk layering uses file system and registry virtualization technology to seamlessly blend the EMR layer with other assigned app layers and the Windows operating system layer. EMR will look like it has been hand-installed on every VM.
  • Full app interoperability. EMR needs to interoperate with PACS systems, reporting software, and many other applications. App virtualization technologies that isolate apps in protective bubbles hide EMR from Windows and other apps, preventing this interoperability. Unidesk layered apps are not hidden from Windows or other apps. With all files and registry keys in their expected locations, EMR will be able to cross-communicate with all other apps.
  • Instant patch rollback. Updates to EMR software can impact everyone. Unidesk layers enable you to “undo” patches to resolve issues. Simply assign an earlier version of your EMR app, and all VMs will be rolled back to the previous working state.

usf health

Customer Blog: "For USF Health, Epic EMR in a Unidesk Layer Was a Project-Saver"

Read the blog by Richard Savage, VDI Architect at USF Health

Better for Managing All Other Apps, Too

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Healthcare has many use cases, requiring many different Windows desktop applications. Why waste time trying to virtualize all of them with traditional isolation technology? Even with dedicated experts, you'll find that some apps take days or even weeks to package. And at best, you'll only succeed in virtualizing 60-70% of your apps. You'll still need a strategy to deliver the rest.

With Unidesk, anyone on your IT team can package any Windows desktop application as a virtual disk container in a few minutes. Create as many of these layers as you want with an ordinary install. Then simply assign them to any number of virtual desktops or session hosts through point and click. It's that easy.

Imprivata + Unidesk

Enhancing Care Provider Productivity and IT Efficiency

Imprivata and Unidesk are partnering to modernize clinical workflows and application management for healthcare organizations of all sizes. The combination of Imprivata OneSign for fast, secure access and authentication and Unidesk for efficient image management and application delivery are helping to ensure the success of workspace modernization initiatives with Citrix XenApp,, Citrix XenDesktop, VMware Horizon, and Microsoft VDI.

Imprivata and Unidesk are also working together to ensure solution interoperability. Unidesk application layering makes it easy to deliver the OneSign agent to all of your virtual machines with one ordinary install. Updating the OneSign agent becomes faster and easier as well - create a new OneSign layer version, install the OneSign update, and let Unidesk distribute to all VMs.

Citrix? Microsoft? VMware? Cloud? Yes.

Many healthcare organizations deliver key apps through Citrix XenApp. Unidesk eliminates image management inefficiencies common in XenApp environments. By leveraging Unidesk integration with Citrix Provisioning Server, you will only patch Windows and apps once, instead of once for every XenApp silo and vDisk. And with Unidesk Elastic Layering and Session Container innovations, you can expand XenApp to 100% of your apps and all users by giving all users - for the first time - their own unique apps and persistent personalization.

For Citrix XenDesktop and VMware Horizon, Unidesk is simply the fastest and easiest way to virtualize every app and provide every VDI user with a personal user experience.

Unidesk works with all other end user computing, hypervisor, and cloud solutions as well, so you can keep your options open. Use Unidesk to:

vmware horizon

Help Desk Staff at North Bend Medical Delivers EMR & Imprivata

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Sunrise Health Manages 3,000 Desktops with One Windows Instance

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Less Time on Personalization,
More Time on Patient Care

Care providers need a consistent user experience. Whether they’re coming out of the OR, working from their private practice, or checking email from home, they’ll be more efficient if they can pick up where they left off. VDI and XenApp sessions often lose personal settings, forcing physicians to spend valuable time re-arranging icons, redoing settings, and re-installing plug-ins.

With Unidesk personalization layers, clinicians spend more time on patient care, and less time recustomizing their workspaces. Unidesk preserves all changes – icons, settings, plug-ins, even user-installed apps. Yet administrators can rest easy knowing that these user customizations will not interfere with the IT-controlled, read-only OS and application layers

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