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Image Management

Standardize on one Windows instance for all platforms and clouds.

Image sprawl is worsening as enterprises implement VDI, session, and cloud workspaces. It doesn’t have to be that way. Unidesk enables you to:

comparisonchartDeliver all apps independent of the Windows operating system.

comparisonchartPatch Windows once for all virtual desktops, session hosts, and cloud platforms.

comparisonchartUndo bad patches in minutes to minimize downtime.

comparisonchartMake Patch Tuesdays an uneventful, inexpensive IT task.

Infographic: How much does Patch Tuesday Image Sprawl cost your IT team?

Don’t let Windows images balloon and multiply. Unidesk forever eases image management, no matter how many mobility platforms and app configurations your business needs.

Image Size

Without Unidesk

Images are heavy and bloated to bake-in apps that cannot be virtualized.

With Unidesk

Images are slim – just Windows – with apps delivered separately as virtual disk layers.

Number of Images

Without Unidesk

Images drift from the “gold” master and multiply to account for user customizations and platform variations.

With Unidesk

One Windows OS layer can be used for all platforms, no matter how many user customizations or platform variations.

"Patch Tuesday" Costs

Without Unidesk

20 Windows images each taking 3 hours to patch, test and deploy:
~$3,000 every month.

With Unidesk

1 Windows OS layer taking 3 hours to patch, test and deploy:
~$150 every month.

Patching Break/Fix

Without Unidesk

Bad patches require hours to manually repair, taking down key apps and increasing IT costs.

With Unidesk

Bad patches are fixed in minutes with no downtime by rolling back to the previous OS layer version.

Bernstein Shur Law Firm

"To deliver different sets of apps to different users, we would have needed multiple golden images, and the complexity would have been a helpdesk nightmare. With Unidesk, we have just one OS layer and different app layers. Doesn’t matter if we're deploying a Windows patch or a new app. It’s all the same process, and we only do it once."

Matt Kramer
Director of IT, Bernstein Shur Law Firm

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