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Logon Times

Accelerate Windows logon times with Unidesk.

Lengthy logon times are more than a user annoyance. They negatively impact your business. By using Unidesk to reduce login times, you can:

comparisonchartEnsure user acceptance of VDI and session-based desktops.

comparisonchartReduce helpdesk call volumes and support costs.

comparisonchartEnhance user productivity and service delivery.

A primary cause of long login times is traditional roaming profiles. Here’s how Unidesk personalization layers are different.

Logon Speed

Traditional Profile Management

Downloading profiles from the network to VMs at logon increases logon times.

Unidesk Personalization Layers

Attaching virtual disks directly to VMs from shared storage reduces logon times.

Personalization Capabilities

Traditional Profile Management

Profiles do not capture all user customizations.

Unidesk Personalization Layers

Personalization layers capture everything, including user-installed apps and plug-ins.

Personalization Break/Fix

Traditional Profile Management

Profiles do not help with break/fix or reduce service desk escalations.

Unidesk Personalization Layers

Personalization layers can be rolled back by helpdesk staff to undo malware, viruses, and DLL conflicts.

Dayton Superior

"We had mixed results with profile managers. They could be slow depending on the type of data the user had, since the profile had to be reloaded at each login. Now with Unidesk, the personalization layer is combined with the OS and app layers straight from storage. We’ve reduced login times from 45 seconds to less than 10."

Jarod Whitaker
Senior Systems Administrator, Dayton Superior

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