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PC Refresh

Implement modern end user workspaces for less than the cost of new PCs.

PC refresh has been widely deferred to cut costs. Now, desktops are hitting end-of-life, IT budgets are still tight, and new PCs won't meet user mobility or BYOD needs. Unidesk gives you better options:

comparisonchartImplement virtual desktops (VDI) for less than the cost of PC refresh.

comparisonchartDeploy remote desktop sessions (RDSH) for less than the cost of PC refresh.

comparisonchartDeliver applications from the cloud for less than the cost of PC refresh.

comparisonchartGain the flexibility to mix and match all of the above.

New PCs won't meet the needs of today's mobile enterprise. RDSH or VDI with Unidesk offers breakthrough economics and unequaled workspace flexibility.


Without Unidesk

Third party desktop virtualization license fees, high infrastructure costs, and management complexity make implementing RDSH and VDI much more expensive than buying new PCs.

With Unidesk

"In-the-box" Microsoft technology, new hyper-converged infrastructure solutions, and Unidesk application layering innovation make RDSH and VDI much less expensive than buying new PCs.

Cloud-Hosted Applications

Without Unidesk

Image management complexity limits the number of Windows apps that can be delivered from the cloud, preventing a complete move to mobile workspaces.

With Unidesk

Application layering separates Windows apps from images so all apps can be easily delivered from the cloud, enabling a full move to mobile workspaces.

Workspace Flexibility

Without Unidesk

App packaging and image management are different for every end user computing platform, limiting flexibility, creating vendor lock-in, and driving up costs.

With Unidesk

Apps are layered once and delivered to any end user computing platform - VDI or RDSH, on-premises or cloud - maximizing flexibility and minimizing costs.

Hanford Elementary School District

"The district is not in as difficult a budget situation as we were a few years ago, but funding for projects is still tight. We got quotes from some of the big players and they were non-starters. Microsoft and Unidesk have enabled us to build for the future at a much lower cost than buying new PCs. We’re excited about the remote app delivery capabilities that will now be available to our users."

David Goldsmith
Director of Information Systems, Hanford Elementary School District

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