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User Personalization

Boost productivity with customizable desktops and sessions.

Users want to personalize their applications, settings, and data. IT wants modern workspaces that are easy to manage. Unidesk gives you both. Use Unidesk to:

comparisonchartProvide a consistent user experience on any end user computing platform.

comparisonchartEnsure acceptance of VDI and session-based desktops..

comparisonchartEliminate profile management complexity.

comparisonchartReduce helpdesk call escalations and support costs.

Profiles used to be the only way to personalize shared sessions and VDI. Unidesk persistent layers are the new way. Here’s how they compare.

Technical Approach

Traditional Profile Management

Folder and profile redirection captures a subset of user customizations in a network database, copying them back to desktops and sessions after each login.

Unidesk Personalization Layers

File system filter and registry virtualization captures all user customizations in a writable virtual disk (VHDX, VMDK) that can be attached to virtual desktops and shared sessions.

Personalization Capabilities

Traditional Profile Management

Profiles capture settings and data, but not all user-installed apps and plug-ins.

Unidesk Persistent Layers

Personalization layers capture everything, including user-installed apps and plug-ins.

Personalization Break/Fix

Traditional Profile Management

Profiles do not help with break/fix or reduce service desk escalations.

Unidesk Persistent Layers

Personalization layers can be rolled back by helpdesk staff to undo malware, viruses, and DLL conflicts.

Logon Speed

Traditional Profile Management

Downloading profiles from the network to VMs at logon increases logon times.

Unidesk Persistent Layers

Attaching virtual disks directly to VMs from shared storage reduces logon times.

Health Network Labs

"In the healthcare, pharma, and biotech spaces, we still depend on decades-old applications and multiple desktop and app delivery methods. The only way to manage all of these worlds is Unidesk. Its power and simplicity enables my help desk to manage VDI and presentation servers today, and Azure tomorrow. And it gives us the flexibility to satisfy 16 different testing departments, along with the personal desktop experience our workforce wants."

Harvey Guindi
Chief Information Officer, Health Network Labs

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