VMware Horizon + Unidesk: A Smarter Digital Workspace

VMware Horizon + Unidesk: A Smarter Digital Workspace

Unidesk accelerates VMware Horizon deployments, reduces costs, and keeps your end user computing options open with the only "manage-once, deliver anywhere" Windows application management platform.


comparisonchart Package Windows apps as a modular virtual disk “layers” separate from the Windows OS for install-free delivery to VMware Horizon desktops and sessions.

comparisonchart Leave no app behind with 99%+ compatibility.

comparisonchart Manage Windows once across all Horizon pools – no more image sprawl.

comparisonchart Shift app delivery and image management to helpdesk and Tier 1 IT staff.

comparisonchart Deliver apps everywhere – other hypervisors, the Azure cloud, or Citrix XenApp.

Best-in-Class Features

As the leader in application layering and the only solution to win Best of Citrix Synergy and Best of VMworld awards in 2016, Unidesk offers unparalleled value for VMware Horizon customers. If you want a solution that can package and deliver any app, solve image management in addition to app management, minimize login time impact, and deliver the same app package to any hypervisor or cloud, Unidesk is the only choice.

Package any app separate from the Windows OS as a virtual disk layer with an ordinary install
Package Windows desktop and server operating systems as virtual disk layers
Deliver app and OS layers to VMware Horizon desktops
Deliver app and OS layers to VMware sessions
Flexible layer assignment by user, AD attribute, VM, or delivery group
Flexible app delivery – out-of-band (deliver layers pre-boot) and Elastic Layering™ (deliver apps at user login or hot-add into running VMs)
99%+ app compatibility – drivers, system services, apps that run while users are logged out
Persistent layer (writable virtual disk) for personalizing VMware Horizon desktops
Persistent layer (writable virtual disk) and Session Containers™ for personalizing VMware Horizon sessions
Lifecycle management – auditing, versioning, rollback of layers
Path to the cloud with full support for Azure.

App Volumes Comparison

Unidesk and VMware App Volumes are often compared for managing applications in VMware Horizon deployments. Enterprises that need full application compatibility, image management efficiency, the fastest possible login times, optimal support for Citrix XenApp published desktops and applications, and a path to multiple hypervisors and clouds choose Unidesk. Read the Unidesk and App Volumes Comparison for a detailed technical analysis of the two solutions.

VMware Partnership

VMware Partner | Technology Alliance

Like many large technology companies, VMware competes with its partners in some areas of its business. So while Unidesk competes with VMware App Volumes, we also integrate closely with many other VMware technologies. That's why Unidesk is an Elite Member of the VMware Technical Alliance Partner (TAP) program. And why we have cooperative support escalation policies in place to service the thousands of customers who use Unidesk and VMware Horizon together. And why we are an annual sponsor of VMworld. You wouldn't expect anything less from the world's best Windows application management solution for the modern enterprise, and the only solution that works across all hypervisors, end user computing platforms, and clouds.

Seamless Integration

Unidesk leverages the full feature set of VMware Horizon for easy integration into existing or new deployments.

  • VMware Horizon Clients
    Desktops and sessions with Unidesk layers are securely accessed through VMware Horizon Clients on all end user computing devices supported by VMware.
  • PCoIP
    The PCoIP protocol provides a high-performance user experience on any device, over any network. With PCoIP, the virtual experience rivals a local PC, even when using multimedia, real-time voice and video collaboration, USB peripherals and 3D graphics. Unidesk-layered Windows apps become mobile device aware and optimized to support touch gestures and other native mobile device features. Integrated WAN optimization capabilities boost network efficiency and performance, even over challenging, high-latency networks.
  • VMware vSphere
    Deploy Unidesk and VMware Horizon together on VMware’s world-class hypervisor.
  • Support for Windows versions and 16-, 32-, and 64-bit apps
    VMware Horizon and Unidesk together support 16-, 32-, and 64-bit applications running on Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.
  • VMware View Composer and Instant Clones
    Publish Unidesk Layered Images to View Composer or Instant Clones for distribution to desktops.
  • VMware User Environment Management (UEM)
    VMware’s profile management solution ensures that each user’s personal settings are applied to virtual desktops and applications layered by Unidesk, regardless of the location and end point device.

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Thousands of VMware customers use Unidesk as their application management platform. Read their stories to see why.

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