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Windows 10

Ensure Windows 10 app compatibility and simplify upgrades.

Windows 10 devices are already infiltrating your business. You need a way to get key apps onto these devices now, and make your eventual upgrade to Windows 10 as smooth as possible. Use Unidesk to:

comparisonchartDeliver older, incompatible apps to new Windows 10 devices

comparisonchartSimplify Windows 10 app packaging and deployment

Solve Windows 10 App Compatibility Issues

Your users are now using personal or corporate Windows 10 PCs, laptops and tablets for work. They need access to existing Windows business applications that may not be compatible with the new operating system. Yet your IT organization may not be ready to make a full-scale move to Windows 10.

Use Unidesk to separate these incompatible apps from your infrastructure and move them into the data center or the cloud. From there, they can be published using a session host (RDSH) and remote display protocol to any Windows 10 device.

Unidesk layering technology makes it easy to deliver older Windows apps to Windows 10 devices using RDSH.

With Unidesk, you have the flexibility to publish apps using any session-based platform:


Publish Unidesk layered apps through Citrix XenApp or Microsoft RemoteApp (RDSH) servers hosted in your datacenter.


Publish Unidesk layered apps through Azure RemoteApp to eliminate all infrastructure requirements.

Simplify Windows 10 app repackaging and upgrade

At some point, you will need to migrate your applications and desktops to Windows 10. This is your chance to deliver a better end user computing service to your users, at a lower cost to IT.

Instead of continuing the expensive, fragile model of managing PCs that contain an OS, applications, data and user information, use Unidesk to package the Windows 10 OS and all of your apps as virtual disks, for easy delivery to any virtual machine on-premises or in the cloud.

Unidesk layering technology makes it easy to mobilize Windows 10 apps for delivery to any platform or cloud.

By separating your apps and user state from the desktop, Unidesk frees you to use any modern client computing platform:

comparisonchart Scale Citrix XenApp server farms without Windows OS or application image sprawl.

comparisonchart Simplify app delivery in VDI environments with Citrix XenDesktop or VMware Horizon.

comparisonchart Implement RDSH or VDI at much lower cost with Microsoft RemoteApp or Microsoft VDI on Hyper-V.

comparisonchart Leverage Azure to deliver Windows apps from the cloud.

Leith Management

"We've also found that Unidesk makes Windows 10 migration and app re-packaging easier. Why go through the hassle of MSIs and isolating apps, when you can just create virtual disk layers and deliver them anywhere in minutes? We’ve gained the flexibility to choose whatever cloud infrastructure we want – internal VDI, published apps in the cloud, or a hybrid."

David Prince
Information Systems Director, Leith Management

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