Support Newsletter Summer 2016

Support Newsletter – Summer 2016

We are pleased to bring you yet another edition of our Support Newsletter (sent irregularly).  No pictures this time, but a few notes of things to watch out for, and an introduction to our new management.

Unidesk 2.9.6 is now available!

The latest 2.x release includes support for major updates of Windows 10 (including the Redstone update).  It also fixes several headaches related to the Start menu, as well as some other minor performance improvements and bug fixes.  You can read the full release notes on our web site.

Windows 10: Supported builds, the Redstone Update

As of Unidesk version 2.9.4 and 3.4, we support Windows 10!

However, there are several things Support wants you to pay attention to:

  1. Unidesk supports Windows 10 starting from build 1511 – please make sure you are using 1511 or later for your Windows 10 gold images!
  3. When you go to prepare a Windows 10 gold for a new OS layer, be aware that there is an extra step, described in this KB: New SCSI controller causes Windows to prompt for a reboot after installing the device

(The symptoms you are preventing are either a frozen desktop or a spinning circle during sysprep.)

VMware Persona Support

Unidesk works great with version 6.0 of VMware's View Persona!

As of View Persona 6.1, however, VSS must be enabled.   This creates an incompatibility with Unidesk.  If you are using Persona with Unid esk, avoid upgrading  to 6.1 for now.

Unidesk supports Persona 5.x-6.0, and many other user profile managers also work well with Unidesk.   Our experience lately has been that Microsoft’s regular folder redirection and roaming profiles provide all the features most of our customers actually want, and these have the advantage of being familiar to admins and easier to configure.

Long Boot Times with Trend Micro & VMware Tools 10.0

We've had a few customers report that after they upgraded to VMw are T ools 10.0, Unidesk- provisioned desktops were taking a very long time to boot .  All of them used Trend Micro, which relies on the vShield Endpoint Protection filter driver (vsepflt.sys).  The 10.0 version of that driver, when used with Unidesk, causes Trend to scan way more files than necessary during boot.

The latest version of vsepflt.sys that we’ve found to work has product version of build-2530600 and is dated 6/18/2015.  We will eventually publish instructions, but in the meantime please contact Unidesk Support if you need help swapping out that driver for the earlier version.

New Support Management

Please welcome Steve Burri and Aron Wittkamper!

Steve Burri joined Unidesk in October as VP of Customer Success.  Steve was most recently Director of Customer Success Operations at Newforma, Inc. and created their Support organization.  Prior to Newforma, he created the Support organization at Revit Technology.

Aron Wittkamper joined us in January as Manager of Customer Success. Aron comes to Unidesk with over 15 years of Technical Customer Support experience from EMC and most recently Apple.