Why Unidesk

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Why Unidesk

Manage Apps Once.

Deliver Them Anywhere.

Digital workspaces are the future. IT needs a way to deliver apps to all of them – VDI, Citrix XenApp/RDSH, cloud – at the speed of business. Easy, economical, and reliable. A consistent user experience anywhere, anytime, on any device. The same app package, portable across infrastructures, hypervisors, and clouds. That's Unidesk. We're application management done right.

Application and Desktop Management Should be Easier.

Traditional agent-based PC configuration, application virtualization, and image management solutions have made life miserable for IT and Windows users.

comparisonchartComplex and Inefficient

comparisonchartHigh Failure Rates

comparisonchartA Drain on IT Budgets

comparisonchartDays or Weeks to Deliver New Apps

comparisonchartRepackaging for Every Platform

comparisonchartIncompatible with the Cloud

Unidesk Layering is the Answer.

We invented application layering to solve these challenges and accelerate workspace mobility. We capture apps as virtual disks for error-free, install-free delivery to users and package-once, update-once efficiency for IT. Unidesk layering is simply better than any other method of application packaging and lifecycle management.

  PC Management Application Virtualization Gold Image Unidesk Layering
App Compatibility
App Interoperability
Hypervisor Portability
Conflict Avoidance
App Isolation
Minimal IT Staffing
Minimal IT Skill
Tier 1 Staff
Install-free Reliability & Resource Efficiency
Image Reduction
One Gold OS & Apps
Deployment Speed
New Apps & Updates
Departmental & One-Off Apps
Storage Efficiency
License Optimization
Easy Rollback of Updates & Patches
Integration with Citrix
PVS for Image Delivery
Extend XenApp
Minimize Need for VDI
Cloud Support

Rethink Your Application Management Strategy.

What if you could:

comparisonchartPackage any app in minutes with a standard install and have it "just work" every time

comparisonchartDeploy the same app package on any infrastructure, hypervisor, or cloud with one click

comparisonchartDeliver apps without needing a PhD in MSIs or sequencing; no worrying about app inter-dependencies

comparisonchartShift application and image management to helpdesk and Tier 1 IT staff

comparisonchartEliminate patching and managing multiple gold images

comparisonchartExtend Citrix XenApp or VDI to all apps and all users for less than the cost of buying new PCs

comparisonchartReduce overall desktop and application management costs up to 80%

comparisonchartSolve your app management challenges on-prem today, while making your apps cloud-ready for tomorrow

comparisonchartLeverage the cloud for cost-effective, “pay-as-you-go” desktop disaster recovery (DR)

comparisonchartGain all of these benefits with a solution that snaps-in to your existing infrastructure – no rip and replace

Unidesk makes these what-ifs a reality - today.

ROI That's a No-Brainer.

These are sure to get your CFO's attention:

Huge CapEx savings by eliminating costly PC refresh cycles and reducing storage.

Massive OpEx savings by increasing IT efficiency and reducing required expertise.

Averted revenue loss by increasing app delivery speeds and desktop uptime.

A proven payback period of less than 6 months.